100 Happy Days

After my friend Julie shared the 100 Happy Days challenge I thought “Why Not?” I could definitely use some happy and this challenge seemed the perfect way for me to find it among all of the everyday happenings in my life. I will be sharing here, as well as on Facebook. I will likely have days where I add my picture in with a post as well as days where my happy picture is the post.

Today, as I was milling around my sewing room, I looked at my cutting table and realized it was covered in several things that make me happy.


 A newly knitted cowl, cloth napkins from vintage fabric waiting to be hemmed, and my favorite coffee cup. Then there is the scattered curriculum that our 15yo is using this year. It reminds me that I GET to home school my girls. A yellow, porcelain treasure box purchased 32 years ago with birthday money given to me by my great-grandmother. I still remember picking it out.  Crafts made by my girls. So very much to be happy about. 🙂

I would love it if you joined in. Just click the link above to sign up. Who couldn’t use a little more happy in their lives?


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