Art journaling

While spending some time on Pinterest I stumbled across a pin for a list of  free art journaling courses. I chose to sign up for the first one that was listed. You can find it here. I have been drawn to all the beautiful art journal pages that I see all over Pinterest. So many talented and creative people. I wanted to try it but was so overwhelmed with all that can be involved with making an art journal. Never mind the fact that I am not artistic. I can knit. I am a decent seamstress as long as I have a pattern or a detailed tutorial with a lot of pictures. Then there is the tiny detail of my personality where I am a rule follower. I need a list of what to do. Telling me to follow where ever my inspiration leads could lead to some scary results. Often things look gorgeous in my minds eye but they never translate that way when I try to put them into a physical form. Patterns,pictures, and directions are my friends. That it why it probably took me two hours to create the cover page for my art journal. It’s more scrapbookish than artistic but at least I started! Yay Me!


Today’s picture for 100 Happy Days is of one of the fabric filled hoops I have on my sewing room wall.  It’s more vintage fabric that I attached a turtle pin to. I love land turtles. I have for as long as I can remember. This pin was purchased at a cute shop in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Sadly the name of the shop is not coming to mind. I had traveled home for a visit and my mom came down to the coast to spend the day with me. We had a great time going through the shops. I see this everyday and it reminds me of that happy time.  What happiness did you embrace today?


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