I have been MIA from this blog for far too long. I’m working on decreasing some things in my life to make room for what I feel is important. I  started blogging as a way to have a journal of our life and I want this to be a priority.

That being said there will likely be pic heavy posts for a little bit so I can get them off my phone and recorded here.  My phone currently has over 1,000 pics on it simply because I am scared to delete anything in case I forgot to store it somewhere safe. Thanks to my new account at drop box though I am hoping to have all of those off my phone and safely stored in the giant storage cloud in the sky.

We officially started our school year on Sept. 8th and then immediately had the second week off thanks to an out of town trip to take Sierra Illinois so she and a friend could go see Ed Sheeran in concert. That week also included unexpected sickness that knocked the three youngest girls on their tiny tushes. Soooo, I got a later than I wanted to start to a unit study based on the book “Thirteen Moons On Turtle’s Back”.

My awesome friend Pam put together a unit filled with ideas for activities to do for each of the thirteen moons. She also included four form drawings for each moon.  We are not a waldorf education family however, my girls love the form drawings. Pam was nice enough to let me have a copy of the plans and we are using them in a way that works for our family.

On the first day we made turtle calendars, read the first poem in the book, did the form drawings and learned about the Northern Cheyenne tribe.

wpid-wp-1412181489347.jpeg t is wpid-wp-1412181436291.jpeg

On day two I read to the girls from the book “Children of the Tipi” edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald. The photographs in this book are stunning. It was written for children ages 4 and up. I have enjoyed it so much that I will be adding it to our own home library. Our craft that day was to make a teepee using the template I found on this blog. The girls decorated them as I read the story of “The Great Race” it is the Cheyenne story of how they became buffalo hunters. Ashlyn was slightly concerned in the beginning of the story when it talked about how the buffalo used to eat people until the great race was planned.


Day three we covered buffalo and how the played a huge part in the life of the plains Indians. The group of books we read can be found in the picture below. We measured and marked how tall and long a buffalo can be. They are massive creatures!!  It was interesting to learn how everything in nature works together. The buffalo would break up the ground with their hooves as they grazed, allowing the rains that fell to reach the deep roots of the grasses. As long as the grasses were healthy they held the soil together. Native Americans would periodically burn the grasses, a practice that is still used today.  It all worked beautifully until the settlers came. They over hunted the buffalo, taking away an integral piece to the health of the plains, plowed the land and planted shallow rooted crops, and instead of asking the experts of the land what would be best, they lied, cheated and stole from them. What happens when you do all of this? You get the dust bowl.  Ok, small rant over….. Our craft of the day was a buffalo. I found a great print out at LearnCreateLove. Two of the girls added brads to their buffalo so they had moving parts and one was just happy to glue them all on. We had a test run of our crayola water color pencils. They did pretty well. I’m not giving a complete review until we actually use them on watercolor paper. Our buffalo were printed on card stock.

wpid-20141001_075810.jpg wpid-20141001_070902.jpg wpid-wp-1412180806409.jpeg

Day four was supposed to happen today but we didn’t get to it. There was mutiny in the ranks so I opted for some family cleaning time. Emily and I watched a couple of episodes of Liberty’s Kids, read  a bit from “Welcome to Felicity’s World” and we called it good for the day. Tomorrow we will wrap of the rest of our study that goes with  “The Moon of the Popping Trees” and play catch up on our reading lessons. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day!!


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