Thankful Day 20…yep still behind.

This is very challenging for me to keep up with. It’s also getting rather hard to list ten things everyday.Oy!

So, for yesterday……..

1. Completing two hand made Christmas gifts

2. Getting a book from paperback swap. Love getting books for next to nothing!

3. A clean playroom.

4. The little girls’ room is clean.

5. Peppermint Mocha creamer.

6. Scoring an in perfect condition corkboard I needed at Goodwill. It will be decorated and given as a Christmas gift.

7. The delete button on Facebook.

8. My sister in law Kim. She is super sweet, very giving, and loves, loves my girls. I’m glad she is part of our lives.

9. My brother in law Jerrid, who married Kim. I’m not sure he would have made the list if he hadn’t. 😉 He is way laid back, funny, and he says I’m his favorite sister in law so he rocks.

10. Another day.


Thankful day 19

I did try to post on time last night but our internet was misbehaving so it was a no go. This is yesterday’s list.

1. Mom’s night out. A quiet meal and time to sit a knit

2. The work truck being fixed. Now I have my van back.

3. A new series on Netflix. Currently watching Zen.

4. Nancy Drew books. They sparked my love of mysteries.

5. Pumpkin scented candles

6. First snowmen of the year. Even though the building process sparked a big meltdown for one kid.

7. Time to help the aforementioned kid settle down and to talk her though her big emotions.

8. Being able to bring home Wendy’s to a teen in order to make a bad night better. It isn’t always that simple.

9. Having time to be with my kids.

10. Another day.

Soup! It’s what’s for lunch AND supper!

I love soup. Love, love, love soup. Soup does a really good job of making the cold days around these parts easier to handle. There is something lovely about wrapping my hands around a mug or bowl warmed by something that I made. I love the smell of soup cooking and how it fills the entire house. Unless of course I burn the garlic, then it’s not as lovely and romantic as I would like it to be. Then it just stinks.

Luckily for me, and all other residents of our home, I did NOT burn the garlic today. Today I made a super simple dairy free potato soup for myself and the youngest three for lunch. It was this recipe from Peaceful Mom. Super simple and quick and great flavor.  Then for supper I decided that a day could never have too much soup in it so I made our favorite tomato soup. The recipe can be found here. It is amazing! It does involve cooking garlic which I recommend you not burn. 😉 If you make it past step one without causing the house to stink the rest is cake! It is oh so yummy and a huge hit in our house. I had a grilled cheese with mine. I think everyone else just had multiple bowls. Of course we have left overs so lunch tomorrow is taken care of! Yay soup!

Now I am off to finish my second cup of coffee that is heavily loaded with peppermint mocha creamer. Yes, I know it is 8pm but this girl has a lot of Christmas presents to work on and get sent off to family in Mississippi. It’s going to be a late night folks!

Thankful post day 17 and 18

With my track record I am going to go ahead and knock out today’s thankful list as well as yesterday’s.

1.Sunshine on a bitter cold day.

2. Leftover turkey sausage.

3. Waffle maker.

4. Wind chimes.

5. Amazon prime.

6. Warm pajamas

7. Potato soup

8. Contact lenses. I don’t enjoy wearing my glasses.

9. The Greencards

10. Another day.

1. Kids that sleep in.

2. Not having to leave my house.  It’s very cold outside.

3. A 9yo that likes to help me cook.

4. My printer.

5. The time hop app.

6. The Blacklist.

7. Word games.

8. Journals

9. Clean laundry.

10. Another day.

Thankful post catch up

Super-d-duper behind.

1.Knit Klub. A great group of women. I love them all.

2. Mumford and sons.

3. Friends that make you laugh.

4. Can Can perfume. I’m not a Paris Hilton fan in the least but this is a perfume that I can wear and not get a headache.

5. Deodorant


7.Wine. Knit klub never disappoints.

8. Warm blankets.

9. Chili in the crockpot.

10. Another day.

11. Sleeping in.

12. Quiet mornings to myself.

13. Having somewhere to go for most of the day so I don’t have to listen to football on the tv.

14. Getting to see a sweet friend.

15. An in house Wine and Canvas painting party.

16. Getting to see more friends! It’s been too long.

17. Laughing with said friends.

18. Meeting new people.

19. A snow free drive home.

20. Another day.

21. New craft supplies at my door. Yay needle felting.

22. New bird feeder.

23. The 9yo who knew we had an entire bag of bird seed I knew nothing about.

24. An entire day to plan and craft.

25. First snow fall.

26. Dominos Pizza

27. Not having to cook.

28. Successfully needle felting a teeny tiny duck.

29. Only stabbing my finger once with the needle felting needle.

30. Another day.

I’ll post ten more tonight. I need more coffee.

Thankful post day 13

I’m typing this from my phone because I almost forgot again!

1. Hand me downs. Thanks to generous friends we have almost all winter items covered for the youngest three. That helps the budget a lot.

2. Indoor plumbing.

3. The flexibility of home schooling. We did reading lessons after supper tonight.

4. Tums

5. The endless free tutorials online that allow me to make a lot of gifts.

6. Well made winter coats. I’ve had the same Cabella’s coat for 10years now.

7. Wool socks.

8. Warm blankets

9. Hugs from my kids.

10. Another day.

Thankful post day 11 and 12

Hang onto your hats! Here we go with 20 things to be thankful for!

1.My brother. He is a rock for me when I need it. A jokester and someone that I know I can depend on no matter what.

2. My seester in law Jennifer. She is beautiful inside and out and loves my brother with her whole heart. I love her for that.

3. My sweet niece Amelia. Her presence makes the world a better place.

4. Pizza

5. Naproxen also known as Aleve. I had a headache today that just wouldn’t quit. Plus I now have arthritis in one finger on my left hand. It is managed well with this little pill.

6. Heat.

7. The five windows in my sewing room. Natural light is my friend.

8. Sewing Patterns given to me by friends across the miles.

9. Free fabric to go with the patterns.

10. The time and supplies(thanks to 8 and 9) to make a much needed pair of pajama pants for Emily tonight.

11. A teenager that has kitchen duty and is remembering to do the job.

12. I no longer have any kids in diapers.

13. Handmade gifts.

14. Postcards for our geography project.

15. Food in my fridge and pantry.

16. Old wooden shutters to repurpose.

17. Left overs.

18. My crockpots. I use them weekly.

19. The time I had with my dad. I will always wish for more but I am thankful for what I had.

20. One more day.