Thankful Day 6

1. Barns….I don’t have one but there is something about them that I love. Maybe all the hard work they represent. I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to barns.

2. Pinterest. I love having a visual way to bookmark things that I find online.

3. The vast number of closets in this house. Not only do they provide lots of storage space but they provide a space for a person to go cry in peace. Or to go cry so others in the house have peace. Either way I am thankful for them.

4.Netflix. Especially the BBC shows.

5. Craft supplies for my girls.

6. An icemaker in my fridge.

7. Pretty printed cardstock.

8. Reclaimed wood.

9. My big expedit shelf from Ikea.

10. My tool box and tools.

All three little girls have been sick with a nasty cold so I have cancelled school for the week. It’s hard to do reading lessons when you bark like a seal.


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