Thankful post day 11 and 12

Hang onto your hats! Here we go with 20 things to be thankful for!

1.My brother. He is a rock for me when I need it. A jokester and someone that I know I can depend on no matter what.

2. My seester in law Jennifer. She is beautiful inside and out and loves my brother with her whole heart. I love her for that.

3. My sweet niece Amelia. Her presence makes the world a better place.

4. Pizza

5. Naproxen also known as Aleve. I had a headache today that just wouldn’t quit. Plus I now have arthritis in one finger on my left hand. It is managed well with this little pill.

6. Heat.

7. The five windows in my sewing room. Natural light is my friend.

8. Sewing Patterns given to me by friends across the miles.

9. Free fabric to go with the patterns.

10. The time and supplies(thanks to 8 and 9) to make a much needed pair of pajama pants for Emily tonight.

11. A teenager that has kitchen duty and is remembering to do the job.

12. I no longer have any kids in diapers.

13. Handmade gifts.

14. Postcards for our geography project.

15. Food in my fridge and pantry.

16. Old wooden shutters to repurpose.

17. Left overs.

18. My crockpots. I use them weekly.

19. The time I had with my dad. I will always wish for more but I am thankful for what I had.

20. One more day.


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