Thankful post catch up

Super-d-duper behind.

1.Knit Klub. A great group of women. I love them all.

2. Mumford and sons.

3. Friends that make you laugh.

4. Can Can perfume. I’m not a Paris Hilton fan in the least but this is a perfume that I can wear and not get a headache.

5. Deodorant


7.Wine. Knit klub never disappoints.

8. Warm blankets.

9. Chili in the crockpot.

10. Another day.

11. Sleeping in.

12. Quiet mornings to myself.

13. Having somewhere to go for most of the day so I don’t have to listen to football on the tv.

14. Getting to see a sweet friend.

15. An in house Wine and Canvas painting party.

16. Getting to see more friends! It’s been too long.

17. Laughing with said friends.

18. Meeting new people.

19. A snow free drive home.

20. Another day.

21. New craft supplies at my door. Yay needle felting.

22. New bird feeder.

23. The 9yo who knew we had an entire bag of bird seed I knew nothing about.

24. An entire day to plan and craft.

25. First snow fall.

26. Dominos Pizza

27. Not having to cook.

28. Successfully needle felting a teeny tiny duck.

29. Only stabbing my finger once with the needle felting needle.

30. Another day.

I’ll post ten more tonight. I need more coffee.


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