Soup! It’s what’s for lunch AND supper!

I love soup. Love, love, love soup. Soup does a really good job of making the cold days around these parts easier to handle. There is something lovely about wrapping my hands around a mug or bowl warmed by something that I made. I love the smell of soup cooking and how it fills the entire house. Unless of course I burn the garlic, then it’s not as lovely and romantic as I would like it to be. Then it just stinks.

Luckily for me, and all other residents of our home, I did NOT burn the garlic today. Today I made a super simple dairy free potato soup for myself and the youngest three for lunch. It was this recipe from Peaceful Mom. Super simple and quick and great flavor.  Then for supper I decided that a day could never have too much soup in it so I made our favorite tomato soup. The recipe can be found here. It is amazing! It does involve cooking garlic which I recommend you not burn. 😉 If you make it past step one without causing the house to stink the rest is cake! It is oh so yummy and a huge hit in our house. I had a grilled cheese with mine. I think everyone else just had multiple bowls. Of course we have left overs so lunch tomorrow is taken care of! Yay soup!

Now I am off to finish my second cup of coffee that is heavily loaded with peppermint mocha creamer. Yes, I know it is 8pm but this girl has a lot of Christmas presents to work on and get sent off to family in Mississippi. It’s going to be a late night folks!


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