Thankful post day 17 and 18

With my track record I am going to go ahead and knock out today’s thankful list as well as yesterday’s.

1.Sunshine on a bitter cold day.

2. Leftover turkey sausage.

3. Waffle maker.

4. Wind chimes.

5. Amazon prime.

6. Warm pajamas

7. Potato soup

8. Contact lenses. I don’t enjoy wearing my glasses.

9. The Greencards

10. Another day.

1. Kids that sleep in.

2. Not having to leave my house.  It’s very cold outside.

3. A 9yo that likes to help me cook.

4. My printer.

5. The time hop app.

6. The Blacklist.

7. Word games.

8. Journals

9. Clean laundry.

10. Another day.


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