Thankful day 19

I did try to post on time last night but our internet was misbehaving so it was a no go. This is yesterday’s list.

1. Mom’s night out. A quiet meal and time to sit a knit

2. The work truck being fixed. Now I have my van back.

3. A new series on Netflix. Currently watching Zen.

4. Nancy Drew books. They sparked my love of mysteries.

5. Pumpkin scented candles

6. First snowmen of the year. Even though the building process sparked a big meltdown for one kid.

7. Time to help the aforementioned kid settle down and to talk her though her big emotions.

8. Being able to bring home Wendy’s to a teen in order to make a bad night better. It isn’t always that simple.

9. Having time to be with my kids.

10. Another day.


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