I Am

I am calm and storm.

I am know the lyrics but not the title or the artist.

I am dance in the kitchen, in my car, in my chair at work…umm everywhere?!

I am cooking from scratch equals comfort and love.

I am dogwood trees and hand made wooden swings.

I am laughter and tears.

I am empathy and kindness.

I am faithful and dedicated.

I am cry at sappy movies and shows.

I am sarcasm and snark.

I am cuss words and inappropriate humor.

I am seamstress, knitter and planner girl.

I am road trips and adventure.

I am hike and take in all of the goodness that it brings.

I am local eateries and hidden gems.

I am friendship and laughter.

I am yes m’am, yes sir.

I am Navy kid forever.

I am my daddy’s girl always.

I am cry when I’m frustrated or angry.

I am overthinking at its finest.

I am communication and team work please.

I am coffee in the morning.

I am sweet wines and good beer.

I am books are my great escape.

I am unsure how to navigate this new life.

I am determined.

I am sawdust smell and sweaty hugs.

I am lemon desserts any day.

I am working out keeps me sane.

I am antique stores and goodwill finds.

I am mornings are the best.

I am sunrise or sunset.

I am work hard no matter what.

I am integrity is important.

I am clean sheet day celebration.

I am try new things, learn new things.

I am mom,daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend.

I am face down in the arena.

I am get back up and try again.

I am.