Of all the things divorce robs you of time is the one that it seems to like the most. Time, and all that I got to do with my girls in that time, is the only thing I miss. 

I miss the unhurried, slow days. Even though things weren’t always sunshine and roses there seemed an endless amount of time. 

Now? Not so much. I find it hard to balance needing to maintain a home and have them be helpful with just wanting to BE with them. 

I miss them every 5 day stretch but this past one was harder than usual. So when Z wanted to snuggle, that’s just what we did. 

I won’t tell you to not take the time you have with your kids for granted. We all do that no matter if we are single, married or divorced. We’re human after all. 

 I will tell you that you can find joy in just being together. No bells, no whistles, no $$ spent. Just your physical presence soaking in the wonder of who they are. 

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