I carry

I carry the weight of a single mom.

That heavy realization of the enormity of the path that lies before me. 

I carry the devastation they feel over all the changes that have been thrust upon them.

I carry their tears, their bad dreams, their pining for the way things used to be. 

I carry guilt that I can’t change that for them.

I carry fear of the future. The what ifs are heavy. 

I carry the desire for them to grow knowing loving someone does not have to equal losing who you are.

I carry the heartbreak of not learning that sooner. 

I carry the jealousy they feel when they spend time in two parent homes. 

I carry the sadness of the loss they feel about who he has become. 

I carry their confusion as well. 

I carry the responsibility of two while only being one.

I carry the realization that I am their example of strength. 

I carry the worry that I will fail.

I carry the tenacity to not let that happen. 

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