Family, Fun and Freedom

Our 4th of July celebration was so much fun this year. Super happy to be home with my family.  It’s going to get pic heavy. 

Pool time because it was 92 degrees yesterday! 


Hanging out waiting on food. Josh grilled for us and Jennifer and Miss Becky put together all of the sides. 

After supper I stomped, I mean gracefully beat these people at a game of Phase 10. 

My brother and sister in law have a great house with some cool features that they’ve put together. 

We finished up the night back at my mom’s with really smokey sparklers! 😳

It was a great day. Oh! One more day and I’m off on our hiking trip! Check out our weather. 

Make memories folks!

Rise Strong!

Love ya!


T-minus 2 days and counting

I am just two days away from heading out with my two younger sisters for this hike. So excited to spend time with them and add mileage to my 150mile goal. Stay tuned for the post where I share our epic adventure.