Glass Wall

There is something about being cheated on that breaks you in a way that is hard to explain. It’s a shattering of all that you put into that relationship. Friendship, love, joy, children, dreams, trust. It’s a million tiny cuts from shards of glass and it is a constant sting. 
It makes you question your ability to make good choices about any future relationship. You become super guarded. You build a wall with those shattered pieces. An opaque barrier between you and heartbreak. 
Behind the wall is safety and the sting is bareable. It’s not a smooth wall. If you run your hand down it you can still get cut and it will remind you that it’s there because you are a shitty judge of character.
You are careful to not absentmindly touch the wall. Wanting to keep the sting to a minimum. You make no efforts to break it down because the sting from the first time it shattered almost did you in. You don’t really like the wall. It isn’t beautiful. But it serves a purpose.  
A cloudy, jagged wall is far better than a million stinging cuts.

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