While I was away……

I turned this

Into this more times than I can count.

We painted some

There were abstract art creations


Our family grew

Her name is Jasmine and she adopted us. She is not short on love.


And we said goodbye to our last 1yo and hello to our last 2yo.




Life is good!

 This week in the bright light of the day myself


and my trusty,exceptionally cute sidekick


Waged war on these invaders


Do you him there? That green caterpillar? Do you see the leaf he decimated OVERNIGHT??

He is the caterpillar of the small cabbage white butterfly and he is terribly confused. Why do you ask? Because he is on a CAULIFLOWER plant and his brothers aren’t too bright either because I found some of them on my BROCCOLI.

I’m sure my fellow homeschooling/unschooling moms are thinking that I took those caterpillars and turned them into a really cool learning experience.

I’m sorry to announce that I did not.

Upon discovering them I did not have my “hey what a cool learning opportunity” hat on.

I had my “who the hell do these caterpillars think they are eating my plants that are supposed to be food for MY family?” hat on.

So this round of caterpillars are gone.

Should their cousins decide to show up I will pause(maybe) to put my “cool learning opportunity” hat on.

After rescuing my plants from the invaders I inspected the rest of my garden and found these little volunteer zinnias


And these guys that look like a vining plant but I have no clue what.


And how the garden grows!







And my random joy







Sorry there are none of the teenager…she is elusive these days.








With each ending….

 there is a new beginning.

Today is Jorry’s last day at his current employer’s.

I am at peace and actually feel excited to see where things are going to go.

We will be fine. We always have been.

This is the second ending and new beginning in just two weeks time.

The first was the ending of  my walk with God as I thought He was, and the beginning of my walk with Him as He intended it to be all along.

I know there will be growing pains in both my spiritual walk and in they walk that Jorry is beginning.

I am however, quite sure that the joy we have as a family will override the pain.

Just last night Jorry was telling me about a license that he needs to purchase for his business.

I woke up this morning to check my email and I had a notice from paypal.

Someone sent us exactly the amount we need to buy the license.

The purchase of that license will allow Jorry to complete his first job which will take care of the bills for the month of June.

I am confident the other months after that will be taken care of as well.

Thank you for all of your prayers and positive thoughts. We still covet them.

So here’s to new beginnings!




There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.
Louis L’Amour

Hooray for Spring

My soul has been longing for spring for what seems like a very long time. I know most of you will understand that feeling. Now that it is here I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted.

With the nicer weather four of my five girls and I have gone on a couple of walks down a path that runs through our town. It was great to be out getting some exercise in. I wear Z on my back, Ace rides in the stroller and Emi and SiSi ride their bikes.

We have also spent a lot of time out in the back yard soaking up the beautiful rays of sun. We have ben running, skipping, jumping, playing with finger puppets and even warding off pirates.










DSC09885.JPG DSC09893.JPG DSC09901.JPG





I really think it is totally unfair that each child does not come with an owners manual.

I also think that it is totally unfair that when you think you have them figured out they go through a hormonal shift and all that you thought you knew is out the window.

I also think that you should recieve a life time supply of chocolate, caffine, or whatever is your legal fix, at the birth of your first child. So that when you are trying to figure out this individual who has no owners manual and changes at the drop of a hat you can at least lock yourself in a closet with your fix and pretend that everything is ok.

I’m back…I think

 I want to try to be a more faithful blogger but I have to figure out how to do that without taking away from my family. I seem to sit down here and get totally caught up in what I’m doing and then the next thing I know the house is running wild. So tonight I just  want to quickly share some pictures from the last two weeks.


DSC09695 DSC09696


Lots of Ace smiles


Emi poses


Silly SiSi


Z continues to grow WAY TOO FAST


Aly in a thoughtful phase


The weather was nice here and there so we spent a lot of it outside.




I have some blogs rolling around in my head. I still need to write the one on unschooling math. We just had a cool experience with Emi in regards to that. Other thoughts:

Zoe the Wonder Baby

How the Depression Touched My Life

Unschooling Through the Doubts

One Mom Many Children

And in between those I hope to blog a little every day. It might be boring but I need to be more faithful to record our families history.






Busy and Sick

The title best describes life at our house right now.

We have all been sick and it was a nasty one. Sneezing, coughing, lots of kleenex and mucho vitamin C.

We are on the mend though, some have lingering coughs but are otherwise fine.

Let’s see what else has happened??

Oh, Aly went on her first far away trip without her parents. She got to go to Florida for a week with her friend Hannah. They had a great time. At first we said no to her going. I think the thought of her going so far away was just hard for us. We trusted the family she would be going with, no worries there. It was just soooo far away.

We finally said yes and we immediately won the “Most Awesome Parents of the Year Award”

While Aly was in Florida SiSi got to go ice skating with friends.

Tuesday was our day to work at out food co-op. We LOVE our food co-op.

We went to Thursday homeschool co-op as usual.

Which reminds me that I need to do another blog on unschooling math. It was a question that came up a couple of weeks ago.

I started a pair of wool longies for Z.

I found out that a wonderful friend is expecting .

I was super excited to find out and did not have even a twinge of baby fever.

Z has cut her first tooth. I would take a picture but it’s hard enough to get her to move her tongue so you can see it without trying to capture it on camera.

I’m sewing up some cloth napkins. Pictures to come as soon as they are done.

Oh and I actually cooked three meals today! That will likely not happen again this year.



Mixed Emotions

It is 1:28am and I am wide awake. It might have something to do with the coke that is sitting on the desk. The one that I shouldn’t be drinking if I ever want to shed these extra pounds.

But that is not why I came to blog.

Tonight, or today I am feeling weepy, happy,antsy,creative, thankful, sexy, deeply in love and thoroughly alive!

I find myself searching art project books for just the right project for Emi, our budding artist.

I find myself cuddling the littles and sniffing the tops of their heads and never wanting to forget that smell.

I look at Z and I am amazed at the wonderful gift that she is, the healing she has brought to my wounded heart. She truly lives up to the meaning of her name “Life brings Joy”

I embrace my husband and realize that I am more deeply in love with him than I was 13 years ago.

I visit here, here, and here and feel so inspired.

I find myself thanking God so often these days for the blessing that I have. I ask for many many years to experience them all.

I breath and I am aware of my breath, the life that is in me.

I smile at strangers hoping that I can pass on the joy, the fervor that I feel for living strong.

Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud!


Picture in your mind a sense of personal destiny.
Wayne Oates


On the Mend!!

It seems that everyone is on the mend. Zoe and I missed any illness and I am so grateful for that.

The spot on Ace’s leg that they thought was staph actually turned out to be strep. Weird I know but I would rather that than staph. The spot has healed and both Emi and Ace are almost finished with their antibiotics. They have both done well taking them. It’s the first they have ever had.

Jorry is getting better everyday but he is still very tired. If anyone has any suggestions for anything that will help with the fatigue let me know. He is taking a B complex and Vit. C everyday.

Thank you to all of the new visitors to my blog and for expressing your concern for us. I hope to stop by each of your places for a visit.

I am also thankful to all of my regular visitors for their thoughts and prayers.

A few pictures to leave you with. The girls are growing and I have an update blog rolling around in my head. Hopefull I’ll get to post it in the next few days.

Be blessed for you are all a blessing to me!

Little Z. 5months


Future babywearer Ace 2yr


Another future babywearer Emi 4yr


Curly girl Aly 13yr


Trimming the tree SiSi 10yr


Mono, strep, staph

Just a super quick run down

Jorry was diagnosed with mono and strep on Christmas day–1st ER visit

Emi was diagnosed with strep Christmas day–2nd ER visit

Oh and we were out of state for those.

Get home the 29th

Jorry is getting better.

Today Emi relapses.

Ace joins the sick gang with strep and a staph infection.

Prayers,positive thoughts and natural treatment suggestions all appreciated.