My First Job

My first job was with K-Mart in some city in Maryland. I was a cashier and I actually liked the job. I was the favorite among my co-workers because my lack of social life gave me the freedom to cover for everyone that wanted a day off. 😉 The only people that I remember from that job are my step-mom and my dad. Michelle worked there for a long time I believe and my dad took a job there to supplement his pay from the Navy. This was also at a time when the company paid you in cash, at the back of the store. This is actually a crafty move on the part of the corporation. What better way to keep the money they pay their employees than by paying them cash and requiring them to walk back through the ENTIRE length of the store to exit it and go home. I don’t think there was ever a pay day where I left without spending something. I didn’t stay long in Maryland so the job was short lived. I went on to have several more jobs during my teen years before getting married and landing this gig as a mom of 5.

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