My mom and grandmother gave me a portable fire pit for Christmas. I had forgotten I had it on my amazon wish list so when I opened it, it was a nice surprise. 

I knew the first thing in the pit would be our super crispy Christmas tree. He was beautiful in the beginning but by Christmas Day he was done. 

So I’m the early morning hours Thursday I took it down and drug it to the back yard. Leaving a trail pine needles in my wake. Then yesterday I cut it to pieces with my hack saw. I had a hand saw but it was pretty much worthless. My friend Pam saved the day when she brought over an ax so I could cut the trunk into smaller pieces. Lots of stress relief in chopping wood! 

Supper happened between fire prep and the actual fire. It’s been a minute since I made a meal that didn’t feel rushed. My assistant for the night was Ashlyn. She was all about peeling the carrots in record time. 

We tried a new soup recipe…Creamy Chicken Tortellini. Drop biscuits were a must and at the last minute I threw together an apple crisp. The meal was a hit! 

The fire took a bit to really get some good coals but we persevered and at the end of the night I would say we enjoyed a nice, albeit smokey, fire. Looking forward to more time around the fire pit with the girls and with friends!


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