I think I turned a corner

 It happened sometime yesterday afternoon. I just all of sudden felt that I would make it, this baby will come when she is supposed to and that all would be fine. Thanks God for the dropping of peace into the midst of my crazy life.

I have already put up double batches of waffles and pancakes in the freezer. There are mini banana muffins in there as well. Last night I added a tuna casserole. Today will be another batch of pancakes but this time they will have blueberries at Aly’s request. Then we will do waffles again and I am going to put a lasagna in there along with a chicken tetrazini. It may take me until tomorrow to get all of it done because we have to go pick up produce today. Either way once it is done then I will pull out my bread recipes and start cracking on those.

I am almost finished with my first pair of baby booties!! They are for this one’s first winter. The pattern came from the book I have listed in the “currently reading” section at the beginning of this post. I had an amazon gift certificate and I treated myself to that book. Now of course I need more yarn and that of course means a trip to the awesome yarn shop in the city and then maybe some shopping at knitpix.com

Since it is quiet in the house I am going to eat breakfast and work on deboning a chicken. Sounds like tons of fun doesn’t it??

Oh before I forget, something that Emi (3)has been saying for a long time now that we find really telling of the generation she is growing up in is “Pause that mama” If I am reading to her and she wants to get down and get something or if she needs to leave while she is helping me cook she says “Pause it, I’ll be right back.”

She’s a cutie but I’m partial I guess!


DSC07268 DSC07269



10 thoughts on “I think I turned a corner

  1. ohhhhh I’d love to PAUSE IT right now ! LOL
    Woke up to Princess and Little Man SCREAMInG at each other – they were late for camp because we were writing up house rules….. fun way for the Princess to start her birthday no? UGH
    RYC: Thanks – as if YOU don’t have enough on YOUR plate? LOL But I guess that is what it is about peoples like us we are always looking to help those who need it more than we do!
    I love you! Am sending you some things- will get them out today….tell the girls to watch the mail!

  2. I’m so thankful you’ve made it ’round the bend! One of the generational things my kids say, when they don’t want something is, “Mommy, could you delete this?”

  3. Your little girl is so cute! You must be having the nesting thing going on because you are so energetic! When exactly are you due? Have you had a homebirth before? It is an amazing thing….Thanks for your comments! Bless you & baby!

  4. when i hear of chicken tetrazini my mind rolls back to high school lunch in the cafeteria with noodles and some mysterious white meat they claimed to be chicken.

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